The Purpose Behind



"Stop doing what you are able to do and figure out what you were made to do - then do lots of that.” -BobGoff

Since I could remember, if I had the choice between running outside or staying in with papers and some paint brushes, I always sided with the paint brushes. I find myself years later still selecting the same option. Painting, mixing colors, and messing with different medias was and still is my happy place.

As an introvert, it took me a lot of courage to start placing my art on social media. A choice I will never regret. Receiving compliments, support, and obtaining new clients has been the most rewarding experience and it is only the beginning.

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in one way or another. I was just recently laid off of my job after 6 loyal years via a short text message. No notice, warning, or phone call. I felt lost, scared, and hurt. I prayed a lot for guidance. Soon after I realized this was the time for me to refocus my energy into painting again. I was looking forward to having the chance to finally join Art Basel and other local Art Festivals. Then the news was released that these festivals are to be cancelled, even a few for 2021.

These are the moments that build you up. Don’t shy away from rejection. Don’t shy away from doors shutting in your face. These doors close because they were not meant for you to walk through. Keep walking. You will eventually find that golden door that will open countless opportunities. My door will be covered with gold and hot pink glitter.✨ 😉

These are times that can consume people into a dark zone. Don’t let that consume you. Be the energy that you want to live. ✨

Don’t take shit from anyone. Know your worth. ✊🏼


Each piece is meant to serve as a daily reminder that life is beautiful and you are perfect. May your chosen artwork put a smile on your face, every day that you see it, and be the voice that says


You are beautiful. You are great. You are blessed.

 Thank you for following me, supporting me, and joining me on this journey.